At the tender age of 14 months, Luke Liegghio was diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Type C, a very rare genetic disease without a cure. In a response to Luke's plight, his parents, Lucy and Enio Liegghio founded The Life For Luke Foundation in 2001, in the hopes of saving their precious son.

The mission statement for the foundation was simple: finding the cure for Niemann-Pick Type C. They knew what the future would hold as children with this disease rarely survive past their teenage years. Their biggest fear was realized on June 10th, 2005 when Luke lost his brave battle to NPC.

The fundraising efforts in excess of $660,000 towards NPC research was not in vain as it has helped launch various research initiatives at The Hospital For Sick Children and other NPC research Foundations. The loss of Luke has brought a greater sense of reality about Niemann-Pick Type C to all of us. Unable to bring their beloved son back, Lucy, Enio and his sister Vanessa, along with the volunteers of the Life For Luke committee urge you to continue to support us to help "Paint a path to a brighter future for NPC children" and their families battling this disease.

The race against time is precious. Your generous support in the past has made a difference. Stopping now is not an option and we know that with your continued support the cure for Niemann-Pick Type C will be found. Life For Luke Foundation