In memory of Luke Daniel Liegghio

May 5 , 1997 to June 10,2005

Do not cry for me as I am not here...
The sun is my smile,
The stars are my eyes,
The wind is my touch,
The rainbow is my endless love for you.
-- Luke

Life for Luke Foundation
Finding The Cure For Niemann-Pick Type C - They Have Only Their Childhood to Experience a Lifetime
Thank you for visiting The Life for Luke Foundation's website. This website has been created for the purpose of assisting in our efforts to create more awareness for a progressively degenerative fatal disease which has afflicted our son Luke. The disease is called Niemann-Pick Type C.

This website will hopefully give you a general understanding of the disease, put you in touch with more information if you are so interested, see what we have been up to in terms of raising awareness and funds for research and lastly how you can help.
Thank you to all who support us: Facial Plastic Surgery

Please visit our page to view ways you can help us raise awareness and funds for research.